When you order a cake from me, you are assured of:
-top quality and taste utilizing the finest ingredients
-a warm and friendly expert to do business with
-high quality skilled design artwork
-prompt and discreet delivery service
Since my cake business is secondary to my full time job and my family, I may not always be able to take your order. Also, I am usually not able to take on last minute orders or orders with very little lead time. You have a greater chance of getting a cake from me if you order at least two weeks in advance. Depending on the complexity of the project, I may need even more lead time.
What I will do:
-help you come up with flavor and design ideas, and clever inscriptions too
-if you have a special cake recipe, I'll be glad to use it (except for Red Velvet, see below)
-travel to any place of your choice (within the Port Townsend area) to consult with you about your cake
What I won't do:
-requests for cakes that are dairy free, gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, fat-free, sugar-free....etc. I know, I know, that sounds kinda lousy, but after doing all kinds of cakes over 16 years, I do not feel the quality of cakes made with substitutions is up to my standards. I cannot stand behind my promise of quality if I make a cake that I personally feel tastes like crap. A cake made with applesauce as a substitute for butter or oil, tastes like crap. I always suggest that if dietary needs require cakes made with substitutions, then it's best to patronize a bakery that specializes in those types of things.

-negotiate. My price is my price. Many are surprised when they get price quotes from me. The kinds of cakes I do are not the kind you can order from Safeway. Basically, I'm an artist, and my media is food. Food may be relatively cheap, but my time is not. The kinds of cakes I do require research, planning, and time. Lots of time. Also, size doesn't matter here. Cakes are priced by the time I estimate I will need to do the project.....not by how large it is, although largeness does add to the time factor. For instance, a simply decorated full sheet cake that feeds 100 will be much cheaper than, say, a sculpted castle to feed 20.

-Red Velvet Cake. No, no and no. This is a cake that just doesn't live up to taste standards. It also requires an OBSCENE amount of red food coloring, which I find quite disgusting. Bleah.

-cream cheese icing for the exterior finish on a wedding cake. Cream cheese icing as a filling between cake layers is fine, but no cream cheese icing on the outside, for these reasons:

-too susceptible and unstable in warm weather
-the nature of the icing does not work well in decorating and piping
-the translucency of it does not cover the cake well

-cake designs that I wouldn't show my mother. Erotic and suggestive is fine....pornographic is not. If you are not sure whether your idea is pornographic or erotic, then believe me, I'll tell you. Basically, pornographic involves naked, normally-hidden-from-view body parts, and/or graphic depictions of violent acts, like say, an axe in a skull with a bunch of food-grade "blood". Um, thanks but no thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Philosophy. To summarize, you are guaranteed a beautiful and delicious cake, by an experienced and highly skilled pastry artist. As they say, "You get what you pay for", and when you do business with me, you are assured of that.