So what's a Sculpted Cake?

Glad you asked.....! A sculpted cake is the the most labor intensive, expensive cake you can buy. It is a cake that has morphed from it's humble beginnings as a mixture of flour, sugar, butter and eggs, and become whatever you want it to be.....on the outside. On the inside, it's still yummy cake. It's 3 dimensional, and sometimes needs special supports and cake stands built ahead of time depending on the design. Not everything can be sculpted, however....I mean, it's CAKE, not concrete reinforced with re-bar. Sculpted cakes also take away some choices you have in flavors and fillings because I can only use certain types of flavors and fillings to guarantee a cake that is stable. Please see my philosophy.

How can I order one?

To find out, go to the FAQ page!

What about taste?

Great question! Please click here to see my philosophy.

Can I see some Sculpted Cakes now?

Why certainly!

Click on image for larger view!